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  • Bang Bang Dead is a rock band with some synthesizers added (yay, of course). I play those synthesizers (yay again, of course). We formed in late 2008 in the aftermath of our previous band's fiasco. Three of us survived to be in Bang Bang Dead with two new people. The guys in the band are my brothers, not by blood, but by emotion. We have a great time playing together while we try to liven up Seattle. And people who let me play in their rock music are A+ in my book.

    We have just about finished tracking and mixing our album. Go to the site and sign up for the mailing list. This way you will be notified when we are really finished and drop it for download, free! I promise the synthesizers to be synthesizery, for good or for bad. I programmed the sounds myself... maybe that is for the bad.

    Since this is a live-oriented band, I use the JP-8000 and the DW-8000. They are the most road sturdy I have. Well, the Fantom is actually the most, but not nearly as fun to play. JP gets 90% of the attention in this band, poor DW might feel a bit lonely at times. Maybe it will change over time.

  • Demand in Harmony is a project I write all my solo music under. It is a constant struggle to actually finish material, rather than just half-ass them and toss them away. Well that is about to change! You see, now that I feel intimate enough with my machines I think I can accomplish all of my dreams, or at least attempt to synthesize them.

    Early on I used the Fantom almost solely. Then on to using the Fantom, the MC-303, and the JP-8000. Now I think I have the ultimate workstation using the ESQ-1, DW-8000, and the JP-8000. I use GURU for my drums and on occasion I will use a guitar or an ukulele. My goal is to finish an album worth of material and I am off to a start, good or bad.

  • Two Wizards decided to ally and take on the RPM Challenge. When the battle was over the wizards were victorious! Check out the aftermath of the great battle.

    Wizards + Ukuleles + Drum Machines + Synthesizers + other instruments + 10 Mana = You Must Download!

    If you don't know what the RPM Challenge is you should check it out. You are supposed to record an album in the month of February. Well, we decided to take it a step further and write, record, mix, and master an album in the 28 days. I am quite proud of our accomplishment, regardless of whether you love it or hate it (and you should have an opinion after checking it out). Many sleepless nights to accomplish more and more dance beats, more and more ukulele progressions, and more and more wicked orcs to fight.

    For this project my weapons of choice were an ukulele, JP-8000, and MC-303.

  • Not really much to say about this yet. Just know that it will be awesome! Or at least have a little faith that it will be nifty.

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